Documenting Attendance

Thursday Zoom Session:

Be sure to remind CCSD people to use their full names as their Zoom handles. Even better--if they want to put "CCSD" before their name, that would help locate them more quickly in the screenshots.

Ticket Out the Door Google Form: Required for CCSD participants who want the reimbursement/PDE credit and any out of district participant who is interested in receiving the 1 PDE Credit (15 contact hours). Please be sure that they get this TOTD--we are happy to share this data, as well. Let me know who you would like to add as an editor to the form--feel free to change graphics/questions.

Friday and Saturday Face to Face Sessions:

Participants will need to use the specific day sign in and sign out sheets for each session. Having a sign in after lunch on Saturday would be helpful, as well. There is also a box that they need to check if they are interested in the PDE credit. Participants DO NOT need to be CCSD employees if they want the PDE credit--they just need to sign their name and include their email address so the PDE department can reach out to them after the conference to set up the $15 payment for the credit. I will keep updating these sign ins with new registrations--I'll just need someone to email me the updated roster on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. Sophie--if you can monitor the sign in and out sheets, that would help.

I know in the past we didn't put out the sign out sheets until 20 minutes before the end of the day. They will also need to complete the ticket out the door (and be SURE to fill in their name!!). We have to include all of that paperwork to grants, so the time is going to be important to note, as well as making sure the ticket out the door is turned in.

Generate your CCF-174

Good afternoon,

We are so excited for the 6th Summit on the Research and Teaching of Young Adult Literature beginning Thursday, June 9! Once again, the K-12 Literacy and Language Development Department has secured a grant to reimburse registered participants who complete the full 15 hours of the Summit. Please take a moment to complete the following Google Form--this is what we will use to generate your CCF-174 to sign and submit with the Summit attendance records to begin processing the reimbursements.

YA Summit 2022 Participant Information


Please note that attendance will be taken through the online platform on June 9 for the online portion of the Summit. On June 10 and June 11 there will be a physical sign-in for all participants and a ticket out the door will be required for face-to-face sessions. Please ensure that you have signed in and out as required and complete the ticket out the door--without those documents, grants will be unable to process the reimbursement. Additionally--please be sure that the physical address you submit on the Participant Information form is the one that Payroll has on file for you; otherwise there will be a delay in reimbursement.

Once the Summit is complete, we will enter your attendance in ELMS so it will count for CCSD CUs. Additionally, a PDE course has been created for 1 PDE credit which is good towards license renewal. If you are interested in PDE credit, please mark the box on the sign in sheet when you sign in at UNLV on Friday and Saturday.

If you have any specific questions regarding the Summit that are not related to the reimbursement, please contact Sarah Donovan at

We look forward to seeing you next week!

Amy J. Raymer

Coordinator IV, K-12 Literacy and Language Development Department

Curriculum and Instruction Division

3950 S. Pecos-McLeod

Las Vegas, NV 89121

702-855-9770 x 5530/WAN: 0110-5530