Februrary 29th and March 1st 2024

The Summit on the Research & Teaching of Young Adult Literature

The 2024 Online Summit on the Research and Teaching of Young Adult Literature

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We are eager to see and learn with you this week:  February 29th and March 1st.

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Featured Session

Thursday, February 29, 2024 at 6:00 PM CST

Three YA Authors Discuss their 2023 Debuts of Intersectional Stories

We are three 2023 YA debut authors from underrepresented communities. Our novels feature intersectional characters [race, ethnicity, skin tone, sexual identity, nationality, domestic violence, mental health challenges, neurodivergence, socioeconomics], strong sibling relationships, and a variety of social and societal themes. Our writing includes a mixture of prose, verse, and other poetic devices. We experiment with voice, structure and format in our books. In our 40 minute panel discussion, we will discuss the role of Young Adult Literature (YAL) in showcasing marginalized, underrepresented, and intersectional stories, with an emphasis on social and societal issues that are rarely shared in YAL. In particular, we will focus on the physical abuse of children at the hands of a biological parent. Although our main characters are very different from each other, we used remarkably similar language and imagery in our writing. We will plan for 15-20 minutes of questions & answers with the audience participants.

Featured Session

Friday, March 1, 2024 at 9:00 AM CST

Teaching Young Adult Literature: What the Research Indicates and What We are Doing

Teaching Young Adult Literature (YAL) is a dream job for many, yet there are few institutions providing direct instruction or mentorship. This conversation explores the emerging research on teaching YA, the variety of approaches that appear in syllabi, and an explanation of how three scholars construct their courses. With the rise in the publication of YA books and the growing scholarship of the YAL field in general, there are myriad ways, topics, and/or methods in which one may choose to teach a “Young Adult Literature” course. For example, the course may frame young adult literature from a historical perspective, a classic perspective, an identity-based perspective, or a contemporary perspective. Even with these different approaches, educators may have different goals for exposing others to young adult literature: to provide students access to a variety of books, to engage in a methodological considerations for the teaching of young adult books in classrooms, and/or to offer a more traditional approach, analyzing the texts from a literary perspective. In this sense, the conversations around young adult literature can feel a bit all over the place.

This session provides a larger picture of how YAL is formally taken up in classrooms. We will share relevant research on how YAL gets taught and researched (Suico et al., 2023; Bickmore et al., 2022). Then, three scholars who have taught a YAL course at different institutions will share their approaches to the teaching of young adult literature, including current syllabi. This session invites a scholarly conversation about how YAL could be taught, portrayed, and represented to those new to the field, as well as to those who are more experienced.

Steven Bickmore,  YA Wednesday  

Michael Macaluso,  University of Notre Dame

(Closed)Call for Proposals

The 2024 Online Summit on the Research and Teaching of Young Adult Literature

Thursday evening, February 29  &  Friday,  March 1, 2024 

Call for Proposals

Sponsored by Oklahoma State University and Aquinas College and facilitated by members of NCTE’s ELATE Commission on the Study and Teaching of Adolescent Literature, we are pleased to announce this call for session proposals.

In this 7th annual Summit on the Research and Teaching of Young Adult Literature, the planning committee invites all young adult literature educators and researchers in secondary and higher education spaces to share what you are or have been working on. All themes, lenses, and areas of interest are welcome. We want to celebrate the growing, evolving, and becoming of our research and practices.

As such, we invite proposals addressing the following questions:


Course/Classroom/Library/Community Practice

Presenters are encouraged to explore answers to these questions and others from multiple contexts of grades 6-16 English language arts education and literacy research. The planning committee encourages proposals for works-in-progress that focus on questions and tensions about YAL research and teaching. Proposals are encouraged to be interactive and generative to center community building and rich discussions and action. 

Our goal is to cultivate an accessible, affordable, and supportive Summit so that experienced and emerging teacher-scholars, classroom teachers using YAL, and graduate and undergraduate students theorizing about YAL can present their research and pedagogy.

The virtual format of this conference -- with all presenters also serving as discussants -- seeks to nurture a reciprocity of celebration, presence, and support.  We will hold a number of concurrent sessions to allow for a substantial audience for each session and time to not only present but discuss and consider implications. In this way, we can bear witness to one another’s work, humanity, and passion for all that young adult literature does for our hearts and minds and learning spaces. 

The one day conference will cost $35 for participants and presenters, including authors. A discounted rate of $25 is available for students. Proceeds provide tech support to run the online conference.

Welcomed Proposal​s

Information Needed to Complete the Proposal Form

● Name​ ​and​ ​affiliation ● Postal​ ​address,​ ​Email​ ​address ● Title​ ​of​ ​presentation​ ​or​ ​session ● Format​ ● Abstract​ ​(maximum​ ​50​ ​words) ● Description​ ​(maximum​ ​250 words)​ ​-​ ​​ ​topic,​ ​rationale including theoretical grounding, positionality, relevance,​ ​and​ ​plans​ ​for engaging​ ​the​ ​audience (flash talk format can be less detailed in this regard) ● Names​ ​and​ ​email addresses​ ​of others​ ​to​ ​be​ ​included​ ​in​ ​the session

All presenters are expected to register.

Professional development credit and badges offered through Oklahoma State University's School of Teaching, Learning, and Educational Sciences.

Contact Co-Directors

Sarah J. Donovan, sarah.j.donovan@okstate.edu

Gretchen Rumohr, ghr001@aquinas.edu 

Advisory Board

Ashley Boyd, Michelle Falter,  Melanie Hundley, Amy Piotrowski, Leilya Pitre, and Jessica Wiley 

2024 Summit Sponsors

Oklahoma State University

Aquinas College

2024  Summit Co-Directors

Sarah J. Donovan

Dr. Sarah J. Donovan is a former Chicago  junior high ELA teacher & assistant professor at Oklahoma State University. She is the author of the Alone Together , editor of Rhyme and Rhythm: Poems for Student Athletes, & founder of Ethical ELA, an open access site for educators.. Her publications focus on anti-bias reading practices of YAL and writing in teacher professional development using relational poetry pedagogy.

Gretchen Rumohr

Dr. Gretchen Rumohr is a professor of English, department chair, and writing program administrator at Aquinas College, MI. She is the chief curator for YA Wednesday and editor of Contending with Gun Violence in the English Language Classroom. Dr. Rumohr lives in Zeeland, MI with her four daughters and a tiny baby Yorkshire Terrier. 

2024  Summit Advisory Board

Michelle Falter is an associate professor of English education at North Carolina State University. She studies critical, affective, and discussion-based approaches to teaching English language arts. Michelle is an avid reader, critical scholar, and empathetic teacher of young adult literature and has been involved in one way or another with the YA Summit since its inception. 

Jessica Wiley is an ALE Educator and Dyslexia Interventionist for the South Conway County School District in Morrilton, Arkansas. She serves as a board member for Arkansas Hands & Voices and volunteers as a Parent Mentor with Community Connections, two organizations that help improve the lives of children with disabilities.

Ashley S. Boyd is an associate professor of English education at Washington State University. Her research includes the development of critical literacies and social action projects with students reading young adult literature.  Her books include Social Justice Literacies in the English Classroom:  Teaching Practice in Action (Teachers College Press). 

Leilya Pitre is an Assistant Professor and English Education Coordinator at Southeastern Louisiana University where she teaches methods courses for preservice teachers, literary analysis, American and Young Adult Literature courses. Her research interests include teacher preparation, secondary school teaching, and teaching and research of YA and multicultural literature.

Dr. Amy Piotrowski is an associate professor of English education at Utah State University.  She teaches undergraduate courses in English education and secondary education as well as graduate courses in literacy education.  Her scholarly interests focus on digital literacies, young adult literature, and teacher education.

Dr. Melanie Hundley is a Professor in the Practice of English Education at Vanderbilt University’s Peabody College; her research examines how digital and multimodal composition informs the development of pre-service teachers’ writing pedagogy.  Additionally, she explores the use of digital media, poetry, and canonical texts in young adult literature. 

2024  Technology Team from OSU

Justin Worley

Lisa Crane

Kushal Jha

Peter Terry

Jesse Kraybill

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2023 Thank You

The Summit is facilitated by members of NCTE's ELATE Commission on the Study of Adolescent Literature 

On behalf of the organization committee of the sixth annual Summit on the Research and Teaching of Young Adult Literature, we’d like to thank you for your participation and conversation.

The theme of this year’s Summit was  In Conversation:  The Promise of Young Adult Literature, and so we’d like to keep the conversation going. 

Here are several ways you can engage with the young adult literature community: 

We do hope you consider publishing an article or blog post inspired by your session. Some welcoming sites include the following:

Overall, the Board is committed to making the Summit accessible and inclusive.  In selecting a Friday, we aim to recognize professional development as part of the workweek and respect our colleagues’ personal commitments. Please complete the feedback survey so that we can continue to  be responsive as we plan for next year.

PD letters are on their way for anyone who completed the attendance sheets.


Sarah Donovan and Gretchen Rumohr, Co-Directors

Ashley Boyd, Michelle Falter,  Melanie Hundley, Chea Parton, Amy Piotrowski, Leilya Pitre, and Jessica Wiley, Advisory Board