Online Presentation Tips

We are pleased to offer the Summit online for Friday, April 21, 2023. 

To join your session, you will click on the link provided on the program, which will be available at 8AM (CST). We recommend you join your Zoom room 5-10 minutes before your session to be sure you can access the link. The Zoom host will give you screen-share access and briefly introduce you to begin the session (e.g., the name of the session and presenters' names). Then, they will be available for any tech questions or concerns. They will also let you know when 5 minutes remain. It is up to you and your co-presenter to monitor the chat and moderate any discussion if you choose to allow it though the Zoom host will help as they can.

We will not be recording the sessions so as to allow a safe(r) space for teachers to share concerns and classroom stories and to protect your intellectual property.

If you'd like to share materials, a hyperlink can be easily shared in the chat. (Be sure you have selected "view only" sharing access.) The chat may also allow for you to drop/upload a file. Another alternative is to share your email to welcome inquiries about your presentation or materials. Of course, there may be other options you've found as an experienced Zoom-er.

Regarding wi-fi stability, be sure to join the session from a strong wi-fi location. You may need to close any apps on your device that you do not need to preserve bandwidth. If you do have problems, during the presentation, you can turn off your video to save bandwidth, too. Also, the Zoom host can share their screen to present your slides, but again, for that you must have your slides accessible. If you are concerned, an  option is to email your slides to the Zoom host (see email addresses above). 

We imagine you may be adept at setting up and facilitating a Zoom presentation, but if you'd like some guidance, we recommend setting up your home-office-closet-kitchen presentation space so that you are facing a natural light source (window) or, at minimum have a lamp in front of you rather than being back or side lit. We recommend doing a practice Zoom presentation at home (invite a friend or family member to join) to be sure your video and sound are strong. Here is one helpful tutorial about the aesthetic of online presenting, but YouTube has many. 

Finally, be mindful of time. Each session is 40 minutes. However, if you are sharing a session, you have 20 minutes (which includes if you want to allow for discussion). While the Zoom host will let you know when 5 minutes remain, it is helpful for you to also monitor this so that the Zoom host does not have to cut you off. 

Presenter Tips

We offer a few short checklist to support you in preparing for and enjoying your presentation experience.

Checklist for preparing for your Summit session

Checklist for the day of your Summit presentation

Checklist for the presentation itself

Checklist for after your presentation